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Coordinated Entry Materials

General CE Materials


Three County CoC 202 CE Written Standards        (2022 Written Standards En Espanol)

Case Conferencing Privacy Agreement 

Three County CoC CE Assessment Tool (for use by trained assessors only) (En Espanol)


CE Assessment Tool Companion Guide        (En Espanol)

Three County CoC HMIS Data Agreement & Provider Release

Youth CE Materials

Youth and Young Adult Coordinated Entry Prioritization      (En Espanol)

YYA system flow      (En Espanol)

Youth and Young Adult Homelessness Definitions

Documenting Chronic Homelessness

Homeless verification documentation & training binder

Because the CoC Program is HUD-funded, individuals and families who access CoC resources must meet one of the HUD definitions of homelessness. For more information about HUD's definitions of homelessness and how to document, please visit this link. For more information on the definition of chronic homelessness, visit this link

Flowchart of defining chronic homelessness

Three County CoC Homelessness & Disability Verification/Documentation form

HUD Materials


Notice CPD 17 01 Establishing Additional Requirements for a CoC Centralized Coordinated Assessment System

Defining Chronic Homelessness. Final Rule Slides

Criteria and benchmark for ending chronic homelessness


HUD Coordinated Entry Guidebook- Core Elements

VA Participation in Coordinated Entry: VA Guidance

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