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Defining and Documenting Homelessness

Because the CoC Program is HUD-funded, individuals and families who access CoC resources must meet one of the HUD definitions of homelessness. See below for more information on HUD's definition of homelessness, as well as CoC forms needed to verify and document homelessness and disability. 

Homeless Verification Documentation and Training Binder

The Homeless Verification Documentation and Training Binder contains the following documents:

  • Three County CoC Homeless Verification Form*

  • Three County CoC Chronically Homeless Qualification Checklist*

  • Three County CoC Documentation of Disability Form*

  • HUD's Chronic Homelessness Flowchart and Documentation Standards

  • HUD's Criteria for Defining Homelessness and Recordkeeping Requirements

  • Notice CPD-14-012: Prioritizing Persons Experiencing Chronic Homelessness and Other Vulnerable Homeless Persons in Permanent Supportive Housing and Recordkeeping Requirements for Documenting Chronic Homeless Status.  

The asterisks indicate that these forms must be part of a program participant's file (and are part of the Universal Intake Form).

Defining Chronically Homeless Final Rule

This link provides more information on the definition of chronic homelessness.

Defining Chronic Homelessness. Final Rule Slides

Defining & Documenting "Chronically Homeless" pt 2

These slides provide further detail on defining and documenting chronic homelessness. 

Criteria and Benchmark for Achieving Goal of Ending Chronic Homelessness

A 2016 release from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

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