Three County CoC Subrecipient Documents


CoC Program Charters


2021 Governance Charter      (En Espanol)


2021 HMIS Charter        (En Espanol)



Subrecipient Monitoring documents

2022 Three County CoC Monitoring Form

2022 HMIS and Data Management Protocol


Billing site monitoring checklist

Program Policy expectations

Project self assessment form

Program Participant Documents


Intake/Universal Application       (En Espanol)


Rent Calculator


Client File Checklist


HQS Inspection Form


Environmental Review flow chart 


Environmental Review forms


Sub-recipient Policy and Fiscal Documents


Three County CoC Sub-recipient Policy


Three County Rent Roll


Example of Cover Page

Anti-discrimination & Equal Access Policy

Move-on Policy


Project Notification Forms


Notification to CoC of Open Unit

Notification to CoC of Recent Move In


Notification to CoC of Program Participant At Risk of Termination or Eviction


Notification to CoC of Emergency Transfer


HMIS Documents


Three County CoC HMIS Release of Information          (En Espanol)


De-Identification Guide for Anonymous CE Participation       (En Espanol)


HMIS Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality Checklist


HMIS Privacy and Security Training


Coordinated Entry Documents 


see Coordinated Entry Materials page

COVID-19 Related Documents


Guidance for Housing Providers Responding to COVID-19


COVID-19 Triage Tool for Congregate Shelters


Additional Privacy Guidance for Providers Responding to COVID-19