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Emergency Housing Vouchers

The Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) program is available through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and provided 70,000 housing vouchers to housing authorities across the country. The EHVs are federal tenant-based housing vouchers targeted to specific populations that allow individuals and families to choose safe, decent, and affordable housing. Populations eligible for the voucher are individuals and families who are: experiencing homelessness; fleeing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking; at-risk of homelessness; and recently homeless. The EHVs were distributed to housing authorities across the country as a one-time allotment of vouchers. For more information about the EHV program, please visit HUD's EHV Page.


EHVs in the Three County

The Three County region (Franklin, Hampshire, and Berkshire Counties) received 68 vouchers in total.

  • Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority received 15 vouchers

  • Northampton Housing Authority received 17 vouchers

  • The Department of Housing and Community Development allotted 36 vouchers to the Three Counties, which are being administered through WayFinders and Berkshire Housing Development Corp.


The Three County CoC made referrals for the 68 vouchers through the Coordinated Entry system. As of January 2022, referrals have been made for all EHVs available to our region.


If you are currently working with someone who has been prioritized through the CE system for and EHV, remember that they may be eligible to utilize service fees from either the housing authority or the CoC.


Recipients of Emergency Housing Vouchers may access funding for eligible Service Fees through the Three County Continuum of Care/Community Action Pioneer Valley (CAPV). Each household receiving an EVH voucher is eligible to request payment for the following services, up to a total of $2,300 per household.

Eligible Service Fees:

  • Security deposit (cannot exceed 1 month of rent)

  • Utility deposit

  • Utility arrears

  • Rental application fee

  • Holding fee

  • Landlord Incentive Payment (up to the equivalent of 1/2 month of rent or maximum… )

  • Moving expenses (move-in fees and deposits)

  • Tenant-readiness services

  • Essential household items

  • Renters insurance, if required by the lease


Additional Landlord Incentives: Offered through DHCD- Requests are submitted directly to the RAA

  • Inspection/HQS Repair Fund 

  • Have to fail inspection on or after 07/01/22 and before 12/31/23 

  • Up to $1000 reimbursement (with proof of receipt) 

  • To repair necessary items to pass inspection 

  • Lost Rent Fund 

  • Units have to be rented to EHV households through 12/31/23 

  • Up to 2 months of rent 

  • For lost rent if EHV Household vacates before the end of the lease or if tenant decides to not renew. (Eligible if next tenant holds a DHCD administered voucher) 

  • DHCD Voucher holding household must have signed leased or occupied unit before landlord can apply for lost rent. 

  • Damages Fund 

  • First 12 months of EHV tenancy. 

  • Up to $1000 reimbursement (with proof of receipt) 

  • Used to repair damages caused by EHV household) Eligible if next tenant holds a federal DHCD administered voucher) 

  • DHCD Voucher holding household must have signed leased or occupied unit before landlord can apply for lost rent. 




The process for requesting payment for one or more of the eligible Service Fees differs based on referring agency.  With questions, please contact Shaundell Diaz.

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