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Subrecipient Documents

Sub-recipient Policy and Fiscal Documents


Three County CoC Subrecipient Policies and Procedures Manual

This document outlines the policies and procedure subrecipients must follow. As of November 2023, this document is in the process of being updated. The new version will be posted as soon as it is completed. 

Program Policy expectations

This is a list of the policies the CoC expects subrecipients to have (this specific document is used in the annual site monitoring process, more site monitoring documents are below).

Sample Written Intake Procedures

Subrecipients must incorporate these intake procedures into their own policies.

Anti-discrimination & Equal Access Policy

Subrecipients must sign the CoC's Anti-Discrimination & Equal Access Policy.

Move-on Policy

Subrecipients must sign the CoC's Move-On Policy and integrate future/next steps planning into their policies. 

Rent Reasonableness Policy

Subrecipients must adopt the CoC's Rent Reasonableness policy or provide their own pending approval.

Three County Rent Roll

Subrecipients must complete the Rent Roll as a part of their billing package.


Example of Cover Page

This is an example of the cover page of a billing package submitted to the CoC by a subrecipient. 

For additional subrecipient policy requirements related to data security and privacy, please see the HMIS page.

Project Notification Forms

These are the forms project must complete and submit to notify the CoC of an open unit, a recent move in, a participant at risk of termination or eviction, and an emergency transfer.


Notification to CoC of Open Unit

Notification to CoC of Recent Move In


Notification to CoC of Program Participant At Risk of Termination or Eviction


Notification to CoC of Emergency Transfer

Subrecipient Project Annual Monitoring documents

2023 Three County CoC Monitoring Form

This is the scoring form that the CoC uses in the site monitoring process.

2023 HMIS and Data Management Protocol

This is what the CoC looks for in terms of HMIS and Data Management during site monitoring. 


Billing Site Monitoring Checklist

​This is what is looked for during the fiscal portion of the site monitoring process.

Project Self-Assessment Form

This is the self-assessment the CoC asks projects to complete; portions of the monitoring score are based on these responses.

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