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Subrecipient Manual Documents

All documents and policies referenced in the CoC Subrecipient Manual are available on this page. 


Three County CoC Subrecipient Policies and Procedures Manual

This document outlines the policies and procedure subrecipients must follow. 


What to Expect During Monitoring 

This short guide provides information on the basic purpose and structure of CoC subrecipient monitoring.

Governance Charter

Updated yearly.

Coordinated Entry Written Standards

Updated yearly.

CoC Privacy and Security Plan 

This is the CoC's Privacy and Security Plan. 

CoC Data Quality Plan

This is the CoC's Data Quality Plan.

Anti-Discrimination & Equal Access Policy

Subrecipients must sign the CoC's Anti-Discrimination & Equal Access Policy.

Sample Written Intake Procedures Funded Agency Intake Policy

Subrecipients must incorporate these intake procedures into their own policies.

Universal Intake Packet

The Universal Intake Packet is updated yearly and is a required component of a participant's file. There are also additional Intake forms for ES&TH, PSH & TH, PSH, RRH, and YHDP. Please reach out to the Data and Evaluation Manager if you need those. 


This is the HMIS Release of Information used by the CoC.

For additional subrecipient policy requirements related to data security and privacy, please see the HMIS page.

Move-on Policy

Subrecipients must sign the CoC's Move-On Policy and integrate future/next steps planning into their policies. 

Rent Reasonableness Policy

Subrecipients must adopt the CoC's Rent Reasonableness policy or provide their own pending approval.

Program Participant File Checklist

This checklist details the files that a program participant must have in their file.

Billing Form Cover Page Example

This is an example of the cover page of a billing package submitted to the CoC by a subrecipient.

Three County Rent Roll

Subrecipients must complete the Rent Roll as a part of their billing package.

Payroll Summary: Biweekly

Payroll Summary: Monthly 

These are examples of the payroll summary sheets that must be submitted as backup documentation.

Supportive Services Summary Sheet

This is an example of the summary sheet for Supportive Services expenses that must be submitted with each reimbursement request.

Match Summary Sheet

This is a generic version of the Match Summary Sheet that must be submitted with each reimbursement request. 

Project Notification Forms

These are the forms project must complete and submit to notify the CoC of an open unit, a recent move in, a participant at risk of termination or eviction, and an emergency transfer.


Notification to CoC of Open Unit

Notification to CoC of Recent Move In


Notification to CoC of Program Participant At Risk of Termination or Eviction


Notification to CoC of Emergency Transfer

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