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Three County CoC HMIS

Community Action Pioneer Valley (CAPV), in addition to acting as the CoC Lead, is the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Lead for the Three County Continuum of Care. As the HMIS Lead, CAPV applies for funds from HUD to support the reporting requirements of the CoC and data collection system used by projects within the Continuum of Care. All Continuum of Care funded projects, except dedicated victim service providers, are required to enter data into the HMIS. However, the HMIS is also used for non CoC-funded housing projects such as local shelter providers. You can find resources on the HMIS on this page and can email Michele LaFleur, the Data & Evaluation Manager, with any questions you have on the HMIS.


Three County CoC Data Systems


Community Action Pioneer Valley recently acquired a new HMIS with the vendor Bitfocus, Inc. The Three County CoC is now using this new HMIS and forms around this system such as new user or agency request forms will be added here as they are completed. In the meantime, if you need access, please email Michele LaFleur.

HMIS Privacy & Security Resources

Three County CoC HMIS Data Agreement & Provider Release - Every participant in the Three County CoC must sign the release of information before their personally identifiable information can be entered in the HMIS.

HMIS Data Collection Notice - Each organization which enters data into the HMIS is required to have an HMIS Data Collection Notice posted on its website and made visible at intake points. Here you may find a document intended to help organizations create their notice.

HMIS Privacy Notice Development Template - Each organization which uses the HMIS must also have its own Privacy Notice made available on the organization's website. HUD has made a template which you can download here to help create your organization's own Privacy Notice if one does not exist already.

HMIS New User Request Form - For agencies already using the CAPV Clarity HMIS to submit requests to set up new HMIS accounts.

HMIS Workstation Privacy & Security Checklist - Checklist to be utilized by Partner agency Privacy and Security Officers for bi-annual HMIS workstation privacy and security audits.

Three County CoC Privacy & Security Plan - Privacy and security plan written by the CoC's Data Evaluation Committee to outline appropriate uses and disclosures or client data, establish additional privacy and security requirements for HMIS participating agencies and the Continuum of Care as a whole, and to describe how the CoC will respond in the event of a breach of client privacy or security.

Subrecipient Annual Performance Reports (APR)

Three County CoC Subrecipient APR Guide - A guide for subrecipients of Three County CoC funding which explains the new APR submission process.


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