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Three County CoC Board & Committees

Three County Continuum of Care Board

The CoC shall be governed by a Board, which will provide oversight and accountability for all CoC responsibilities and carryout all CoC duties except those described above as being the responsibility of the CoC Membership. The Board serves as the HUD-designated primary decision- making group of the Three County Continuum of Care. The Board is elected by the general membership and given decision making and delegation authority. The CoC shall commit to having Board representation that reflects the diversity of populations served by the CoC.  

Please find a list of board representatives and minutes from Three County CoC board meetings here.

Commitment to Diversifying CoC Membership- Board and Committees 

The Three County CoC is committed to having a Membership that reflects the diversity of populations served by the CoC, including diversity in race, ethnicity, gender identify, sexuality, disability, geography, housing status, languages spoken, and lived experience of homelessness.

To assist in this goal, the CoC has created a People with Lived Experience Action Board. Please see the Lived Experience Flyer (in English and Spanish) for more information.


The CoC shall conduct periodic surveys to evaluate diversity of current membership to identify diversity needs. Click here for the 2022 CoC Membership demographic survey.

Three County Continuum of Care Committee list

(see additional pages for more info.)


Please find a list of current committees and workgroups (as of March 2023)

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