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CoC Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from area agencies & stakeholders or community members with knowledge, voice, & experience of housing or homelessness. The Board of Directors is governed by our Governance Charter and meets quarterly.


​CoC Board Responsibilities:

  • Act on behalf of the CoC to fulfill the regulatory duties of a Continuum of Care set forth in 24 CFR 578.   

  • Designate or reaffirm a Collaborative Applicant, HMIS Lead Agency, and HMIS implementation vendor no less than annually.  

  • The Board shall be responsible for approval and implementation of all CoC policies, procedures and business.  

  • Attend Board meetings quarterly. 

  • Read the final approved application annually as well as HUDs final ranking of the Three County CoC and address areas for growth, provide assistance in meeting the outcomes stated and measured.  

  • Evaluate the CoC’s progress in adhering to its written standards and policies and procedures bi-annually.   

  • Recognize and promote the CoC’s positive outcomes, growth and successes.  

  • Support the CoC in addressing challenges faced.   

  • Evaluate Funded Project challenges and provide the CoC Collaborative Applicant with support in addressing and meeting needs.

  • Chair Committees of the CoC & periodically review minutes of the CoC’s committee meetings.  

  • Develop and support efforts for Strategic Planning for the CoC.  

  • Represent the Continuum of Care in outreach and community engagement events.  


Current 2023 Board Slate

Board reports and minutes

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