Ranking & Evaluation Committee


The Ranking Evaluation Committee will collaborate with the Collaborative Applicant, Board, Area Service Providers, CoC-Funded Entities, and COC members to:

  • Design and implement a collaborative process for developing a consolidated application for Three County programs and projects seeking CoC funding.

  • Examine other CoC’s practices in regards to Project Ranking and make recommendations to the Board & Collaborative Applicant.


  • Review the annual NOFA to look for trends and expectations which might result in changing policies and procedures specific to Ranking and Evaluations.


  • Review and revise written policies and procedures for the Ranking Evaluation Committee and seek Board approval.


  • Review findings of the Performance and Outcomes Committee, the program priorities established by the Board, and the applications for new programs or projects, and make recommendations to the Board about which programs/projects to include in the annual CoC application, and rank projects for the application.


  • Develop and oversee operation of a grievance process for agencies whose applications for funding have not been selected by the CoC.


This committee must consist of at least 50% entities with no financial or other conflict of interest related to funding competitions or awards. The committee will make final recommendations to the Board related to project ranking and funding opportunities. The Board retains full rights to amend the recommendations or reject the committee’s proposals.

Meets periodically, often on the 4th Friday (January, May, June, July, October) from 9:00-10:30 at Community Action Pioneer Valley.


2020 Meeting Minutes















2021 Meeting Minutes






If you have questions or would like to learn more about this committee,

please contact the Three County CoC: Keleigh Pereira