Coordinated Entry Committee


The Coordinated Entry Committee will collaborate with the Collaborative Applicant, Board, Area Service Providers, CoC-Funded Entities, and COC membership to:

  • Review and provide feedback to the CoC staff and Board re: Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures.


  • Support the CoC in conducting annual assessment and evaluation of Coordinated Entry programs, including polling and surveys of homeless individuals participating in Coordinated Entry, and keeping Projects accountable to the Housing First Model.


  • Review the Vulnerability Assessment tool annually and adjust based on new information or HUD requirements.


  • Support the implementation and outcome measures for HMIS and Data Warehouses in regards to Coordinated Entry.


  • Review Best Practices for other Coordinated Entry programs.


  • Offer support and outreach to partner agencies who are or might participate in Coordinated Entry.


  • Support the CoC in expanding their reach to our most vulnerable and hard to reach neighbors by representing the Coordinated Entry system in community and through networks.


  • Train partners in conducting vulnerability assessments.

In addition to the CE Committee, the CoC is convening a Coordinated Entry Workgroup, which will meet biweekly between August and October 2020 to redesign elements of the current CE system using a racial equity lens. 

Meets quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday (February, May, August, November) from 9:00-10:30 at Community Action Pioneer Valley.


2020 Meeting Minutes




2021 Meeting Minutes




If you have questions or would like to learn more about this committee,

please contact the Three County CoC Homeless Services and Billing Manager, Brooke Murphy