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Racial Equity

Since February 2020, the Three County Continuum of Care has engaged in a series of activities specifically focused on centering racial equity in our homelessness response. In collaboration with Racial Equity Partners, we have:  

  1. Analyzed our data through a racial equity lens (to see racial disparities data by County, visit our local data section.) 

  2. Provided antiracism training for providers working in the homelessness system 

  3. Engaged community partners to develop strategies to address racial inequities in our homelessness response 

  4. Developed a Racial Equity Action Plan to guide our work 


You can find the public facing 2021 Three County CoC Racial Equity Action Plan here.  

The Three County CoC, along with the Western Mass Network to End Homelessness, is dedicated to undoing structural racism and support Legislative priorities that address policies needed to increase equitable measures for people of color in the intersection of race and homelessness as well as upstream budget and bills that support funding to increase support for our most vulnerable populations.  Here are the 2021 budget priorities & bill priorities, supported by the CoC.

Upcoming Project Trainings

Look here for information on CoC trainings and trainings shared by our partners.

check back here for dates and information for an upcoming two part training series on conducting assessments (Training to be held in April 2021)

Upcoming CoC Funding Information & That of Our Partners


WHEN: Monday April 12th - Monday May 24th (2 weeks intensive outreach April 26th-May 10th in identified underrepresented areas) WHO: Young adults / Youth under the age of 24 who are likely unstably housed or are experiencing homelessnessWHAT: YOUth Count is a state-wide coordinated effort WHERE: Public areas, on the street, regular programming, drop-in centers, phone calls, virtual meetings, and any other ‘hot’ spotsWHY: To understand the scope and needs of youth and young adults and push state leaders to allocate more funding for services/resources for this populationHOW: Standardized Confidential/Anonymous Survey Tool (Paper & Online).

click here for more details.


Look here for news about the CoC Annual Funding Competition.  We will share information here, just as soon as it's released.


We have posted a preliminary version of the Three County CoC's Ranking Structure for the 2020 Annual Funding Competition. You can find a copy of the 2020 Ranking Structure on the Project Ranking and Evaluation page along with a link for download.