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CoC Annual Meeting

Three County Continuum of Care

Virtual Annual Meeting

Tuesday, September 29th from 2-4pm

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  • Membership Vote on updated Governance Charters & Board of Directors Slate

  • Center for Human Development speaking on housing our homeless population during COVID-19 

  • Presentation - Three County Racial Equity Action Plan

  • Presentation - Coordinated Entry System and Planned Training Series

  • Presentation - 2020 “Point in Time” Count

  • Three County CoC Committee Recruitment

Upcoming Project Trainings

Look here for information on CoC Trainings and trainings shared by our partners.

YHDP Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming CoC Funding Information & That of Our Partners

Look here for news about the CoC Annual Funding Competition.  We will share information here, just as soon as it's released.


We have posted a preliminary version of the Three County CoC's Ranking Structure for the 2020 Annual Funding Competition. You can find a copy of the 2020 Ranking Structure on the Project Ranking and Evaluation page along with a link for download. 

The Three County Continuum of Care is a program of Community Action Pioneer Valley

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