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HMIS Request for Proposals

Community Action Pioneer Valley (CAPV), as the HMIS Lead & Collaborative Applicant for MA-507, is releasing a request for proposals from vendors for a new HMIS implementation for the Three County Continuum of Care.

You can download a copy here- CAPV HMIS RFP


Responses to the Request for Proposals are due by December 10th, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

Please submit any questions you have about the request for proposals to Michele LaFleur at by November 11th at 11:59pm EST.

Any addenda to this request for proposals and/or answers to questions will be posted on this web page as they become available.

Submitted Questions & Responses - Current as of 11/13/20

1 - Of the 85 users, how many General End Users will there be? In our system, a General end user will be able to have access to system core functionality, and are able to perform case/client management, program enrollments, service provision. They can also manage referrals and pulled canned reports (as determined by their assigned access role).

1A - There will be approximately 63 General End Users.


2 - Of the total 85 users, how many Agency Managers will there be? An Agency Manager will be able to do everything an Enterprise user can. They can configure and manage all elements of agency operations, such as staff profiles, programs, services, and funding.
2A - There will be approximately 20 Agency Managers.


3 - Of the total 85 users, how Many System Administrators will there be? System Administrator users are able to do everything a Manager and Enterprise user can. They also have the ability to customize all aspects of the system, including the creation of screens, fields, assessments, and access roles.
3A - There will be 2 System Administrators.


4 - Of the total 85 users, how many of your total users will need to do data analysis/make custom reports?

4A - Approximately 5 users will need to do data analysis and make custom reports.


5 - Will you need to migrate data from your current system? If you need to migrate data, will you be migrating HUD data and custom data, or just HUD data?

5A - Yes, we will need to migrate HUD CoC program data, data from federal funding partners such as RHY and HOPWA, and possibly a small amount of custom data. The custom data would be around 700 vulnerability assessments but the assessment tool is being changed and we have not determined whether or not to migrate the old assessments yet.

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